cook like a chefEvery aspiring young chef needs a good bag of tricks.  Here, at The Aspiring Chef, I have put together every tool that I have ever deemed invaluable.  From line cook to Executive Chef, I have always kept these items readily available.  In addition to these tools of the trade, I invite you, aspiring chef, to read my blog page.  I draw from my own experience as a chef in order to help guide you down a path of success.  I strive to give insight to cooking like a chef.

chefs in the kitchen

The Aspiring Chef

The aspiring chef has a passion in their heart for cooking good food.  That is the bottom line.  I’ve never met someone that didn’t like good food.  Not everyone wants to cook it, but we all want to eat it.   This website is for all of you who want to cook it.  You want to impress your family with a great meal, and then another.  You want to master all the aspects of a restaurant kitchen.  You want to have the proper techniques that will take you to the next level of cooking.  Whether you are a young chef or an avid home cook, you found a good place to learn to cook like a chef.

I want to teach you about all the things I’ve learned in my journey along the career path of a chef.  I started out at a small microwave driven, pre-portioned, chain type kitchen.  There I fell in love with the business of the restaurant and the atmosphere that was filled with adrenaline and excitement.  I then taught myself, the same way I will teach you, how to cook like a professional chef.  I used books, the internet, and even some television in the beginning.  I highly recommend Alton Brown for learning about anything he has to say on cooking.

Over the last decade, I have built a collection of cookbooks, cooking gadgets, knives, appliances, aprons, chef’s clothes, and most of all, knowledge.  I hope to give you the most expert advice on what tools you should have whether it is a book or a blender.  I’ve gotten some things I wish I didn’t spend the money on and I’ve gotten some things that if I lost it today, I would buy it again tomorrow.  I’m speaking of my favorite bandana with the smiley faces on it.

So check out the Lessons Page for an outline of specific tutorials and head over to my Blog for everything I’m writing about.  I will be adding new material at least once a week, but more likely it will be more often than that.  Not only will I add material on how to cook, but I will also review different products that I’ve used or own.  I will try to keep my Chef Shop up to date with reviews for everything there.  If you are here in the early stages of my website, I am going to be slowly adding reviews while also adding lessons.  If you have any specific requests for a review of an item that you see or don’t see, feel free to send me an email at and I will make that a priority for my next review.

I hope you enjoy the Aspiring Chef website and hopefully you follow along and we can grow together as Chefs.

Favorite Tools for Chefs